5 steps to find a powerful purpose and create the life you want

Are you crystal clear on your goals for your future?

Do you know what you want for yourself?

Do you know where you want to go in life?

These are amazingly powerful questions that can really set the direction of your life…..

...if you know how to answer them of course.

Problem is, lots of us don’t give it much thought or have no idea even how to answer these questions?!

This can lead to:

  • Frustration and indecision - without a clear direction in mind, how do you know which choices align with your best interest?
  • Lots of self-doubt - not knowing if you’re doing the right thing or making the right moves in your career and life
  • Drifting into paths of least resistance - which means you end up going with the flow of other people’s goals and desires

Fortunately, if this is something you want to avoid or are sick of experiencing, there’s an alternative.

When you have a clear vision for your future, making career and life choices that fit best for you come a lot more easily. You experience less self-doubt, feel more confident about your decisions and increase your chances of creating the life you actually want.

How? Use this simple, easy to follow process and framework to create your very own personal vision now.

1. Time Travel

Close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep slow breaths and relax into your body. Notice the sounds around you, temperature of your body, and how it feels as you relax deeply into your seat. Now imagine floating out of your body, fast forwarding and waking up 2 years into the future.

2. Imagine what success looks like

Imagine you are really in that place, where the future has already happened and it’s everything you wanted it to be. You are two years older, and so is everyone else.

As you look around:

  • What does your life look like?
  • Where are you? What are you doing?
  • What does a typical day look like?
  • What’s your health like?
  • What’s happening in your career?
  • How much money are you making?
  • What do your relationships look like?
  • Who are you? How confident are you? What’s different about you?

Pro Tip - If you have no idea how to answer this, flip it on its head and instead ask what does failure look like? Whatever 'failure’ looks like, simply replace it with its opposite for 'success’. E.g. If failure = I am stuck in X role and haven’t progressed at all. Then success = I have been promoted to Y role, with more responsibility, more potential and more income. 

3. Write down everything in vivid detail

  • Don’t try to get it right, perfect or worry about the HOW for now. Just right WHAT comes to mind. 
  • You know you are doing it right if you like and/or feel good about what you are imagining.
  • Take your time with this process, write everything down in vivid detail.

Once you’re finished - Congratulations you now have a compelling vision. But we aren’t done yet.

Now that you have your draft vision, let it sit for at least a day or two and make additions to it as new ideas or inspiration strikes.

4. Set personal goals

Once you are happy with your 2 year vision:

  • Write a list - what are all of the things that need to happen to make this vision a reality?
  • Shortlist - what are the 1-3 biggest and most impactful things you can turn into goals for the year?
  • Prioritise - which of these goals come first?

5. Roadmap your next 90 days

Now that you have your first goal:

  • Break it down into action steps.
  • Put those action steps into your calendar/to-do list.
  • (Optional) share your goals with someone like your coach so that they can support you and be your accountability partner.


Congratulations! You now have a compelling vision, some personal growth goals to support it, and an action plan to make it real!

Remember your vision and goals will change over time, so revisit your vision periodically and make adjustments as you see fit.

For best results, keep your vision and goals in the forefront of your mind. Either a vision board at your desk, a note on your phone or sharing it regularly with someone or publicly online like in the Coach Development Lab - Facebook group. The more you see it, talk about it, take action on it - the faster and more likely your chances of achieving it!

What’s your vision? Share it with us in the comments below.


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