How to ATTRACT, not chase your clients

If you wanted to catch some fish, would you rather chase them around with a net or attract them into it with some food?

I’m guessing most would say the latter. And although fish are not quite the same thing as clients, the principle is still the same.

It’s far easier to get clients by attracting them, rather than chasing them.

Too many coaches make the mistake of going out there with a vague idea and vague offer “I’m a coach” and then run around all day trying to catch some clients with it.

Unfortunately this is a sure-fire way to not only fail, but burn yourself out with it along the way.

I’d say we all much rather sit around and have the fish come to us, right?

So how do we attract not chase? By preparing the right type of food that they want. That is, getting real clear on what it is you’re offering the client.

And we do this by answering 4 simple questions.



1. WHO - do you help?

If I told you - hey I have this new product, go out and sell it. And you say “to who?”. I’m like to everyone.

Well where do you go? The shopping mall, the park, schools, workplaces? There’s “everyone” everywhere - so there’s infinite possibilities.

You only have limited time, limited energy and limited money to spend on marketing. You can’t be everywhere at once. So how do you decide where to go?

Well what if I said to you, I have this new product, it’s for yoga enthusiasts. Now where do you go?

Probably, straight to the yoga studio.

See when you know WHO you’re targeting, it’s far easier to know where and how to target your marketing efforts.

So who do you help? When you picture your typical client, who are they?

  • Are they male or female, or both?

  • Where are they in life?

  • What’s their situation?

  • What line of work are they in?


The more specific you can get, the easier it’ll be for you to hone your efforts, saving you time, energy and money.

2. WHAT - problem do you solve?

Once you know who you want to help, now the question is what problem are you helping them solve?

Again with every question here, it’s important to get specific.

Imagine that you were looking to get healthy, and lose some weight but you hated dieting and going to the gym every day. You were shopping around for a personal trainer, and met two:

  • Trainer A said to you - “I can help you with nutrition and give you a training program.”

  • Trainer B said - “I have a proven method to help you lose 5kg, in 6 weeks - without crazy diets or spending every day in the gym.”

Which one sounds more appealing to you?

Most of us would agree Trainer B, why?

Because Trainer A is offering a general solution to a general problem. Trainer B is offering a very specific solution to a very specific problem, one that almost matches your exact problem.
The more closely a product or service solves our specific problem, the more likely it is we will select it.

3. WHY - do people come to you?

What results do you help your clients get? Why do they come to you for help? Remember people buy results not coaches.

So rather than sharing what type of coach you are, share the result you will give your client.

For example, rather than saying “I’m a career transition coach”. Say, “I help people working full time, who feel stuck in their 9 to 5 job, make the leap to a meaningful career that they love.”



4. HOW - do you help them?

This question is about understanding what is your process to get your client from A to B? How do you help them get from the problem they have right now to the result they desire?

Most people would say “I coach” but what specifically are you coaching to?

For example, if you’re a fitness coach - perhaps you review their current diet and exercise regime, and map out a step by step program for them.

If you’re a career coach - perhaps you help facilitate them to get clear on their passion and purpose, and support them in finding a new career in that area.

To buy-in, clients need to know you aren’t just making it up as you go, and that you have a proven step by step process for getting from A to B. What’s your process?


CONCLUSION - Putting it all together into an irresistible offer

Once you’ve answered all four questions, now you can put it together into an irresistible offer like so:


I help this person with problem. I do this by helping them with process, so they get this result.

For example, ours is “We help development, executive and life coaches (Person), who are struggling to find clients or don’t know how to start their business (Problem).

We coach and mentor them through a step by step system for designing and launching their business, attracting clients, and creating coaching programs that deliver consistent results (Process), so that they become a highly successful coach doing what they love (Result).

There you have it - to create your irresistible offer all you need are the answer to four questions: Who? What? Why? and How?

Now you’re ready to go out and attract those clients!

How did you go with this process, any questions? Let us know in the comments below.


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