The Winning Formula:
How to get more clients with just one session

Get the exact 5 steps you need to get more clients, without needing to pressure, sell hard or chase clients.

In this free short cheat sheet, you’ll get...

  • The exact 5 step formula that allows you to sign more clients, with ease. This way you won’t waste precious opportunities by saying the wrong thing, fumbling around or opening like a limp noodle - losing the client.
  • Step 2 reveals our "Come Out Strong” script, which gives you the exact script to follow to set the tone, build rapport and take the lead - all in the first minute.
  • The 6 questions you must ask to quickly know if your potential client is a good fit for you or not, position you as an authority and get them interested in your help - without having to hard sell yourself.  
  • And more…