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Launch your business, get clients, and create coaching programs that get results.
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Join this 10-week online program to help you build a successful coaching business, fast.

This program is designed specifically for you if:

  • You’re struggling to find clients
  • You want to start a coaching business, but don’t know how
  • You’re not consistently getting your client’s results
  • You sometimes get lost and confused in coaching sessions
  • You’re not completely confident in your coaching skills
  • You feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information out there, and want a clear step by step plan on how to start and grow your business

Your Success Starts Here

Let’s make it happen together.

Over the next 10 weeks, you’ll learn and put into action the 10 key elements of your Launchpad plan.

They are designed to fast-track you and your coaching business and give you the exact action steps to get results asap.

Your Launchpad Program Unfolded

Here are the 10 key elements of your Launchpad program.

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MODULE 1 | Master your Mindset and Productivity

You’ll know how to master your mindset and productivity, so you can feel confident as a coach and business owner. Rather than procrastinating, you’re excitedly taking action every day to build your business and fast track your success.


  • Set a Powerful and Compelling Vision
  • Train your Focus and Install a new Mindset
  • Get your Priorities Right: Project Mapping Formula™
  • Use the Right Tools
  • Do the Right Work at the Right Time: Super Focused Scheduler™
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MODULE 2 | Set Up your Business

You’ll know how to select your niche, create offers that sell and quickly set up your business and website. Allowing you to launch asap and avoid the costly mistakes that most coaches make when trying to get off the ground.


  • Define your Target Market
  • Find your Million Dollar Audience
  • Design your Irresistible Offer
  • Create your Prices and Packages
  • Set up Shop
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MODULE 3 | Attract Clients

You’ll get the master framework to create funnels that automatically bring in consistent streams of new leads, so that you are attracting clients, not chasing.


  • Plan and Research your Funnel
  • Choose your Marketing Channel
  • Work the 6 Ones
  • Set your Referral Strategy
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MODULE 4 | Convert Clients

You’ll learn the successful conversion systems to nurture and convert your prospects into clients, and how to sign more clients without having to pressure or sell hard.


  • Build your Traffic Light System
  • Create your Lead Magnet: G.A.S.S. model™
  • Design your Website
  • Nurture your Leads: Content Mapout™
  • Create your Conversion Tools
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MODULE 5 | Create your Coaching Program

You’ll discover the 5-Phase Coaching Model to create coaching programs that get results, so that you have a consistent and reliable model and your clients keep coming back for more.


  • The 5-Phase Coaching Model for Change
  • Map out your Coaching Program
  • Deal with the Obstacles to Change
  • Set Up your Relationship for Success
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MODULE 6 | Run your Coaching Program - Part 1

You’ll get the step by step on how to run each coaching session in your program, starting with how to get crystal clear on your client’s goals and turbocharge their motivation and commitment.


  • Facilitate Clarity - Get to the Right Goal
  • Turbocharge Motivation
  • Get Commitment and Decision
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MODULE 7 | Run your Coaching Program - Part 2

You’ll know how to close your coaching program strong, facilitate massive change with your clients, and create results that last. Making it easy for your clients to give you rave reviews and refer you to others.


  • Prototype Change
  • Implement Change
  • Solidify Change
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MODULE 8 | 3 Essential Coaching Topics

You’ll learn the three essential coaching topics every client struggles with, and how to successfully coach to them. 


  • Discover Purpose
  • Elevate Self-Esteem
  • Handle Troubling Emotions
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MODULE 9 | Handle Any Client Like a Pro

You’ll discover the obstacles and traps that derail coaching conversations, and how to deal with them so that you can feel confident in any situation, with any type of client.


  • Handle Client Dynamics and Habits that Get in the Way
  • Spot and Address Mental Distortions
  • Deliver Feedback like a Pro
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MODULE 10 | Create your Master Plan

Congratulations! Now that you’ve finished the Launchpad program, where to next? Together we’ll create your master plan, so you have a clear step by step blueprint of where you want to go, and how to get there asap.


  • Painted Picture: 3 Year Vision
  • 1 Year Plan
  • 90 Day Projects
  • Next Week's Actions

Program Delivery

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Online Video
Once you join, you get instant access to TEN step by step modules, delivered by video and worksheets in your secure members portal. Watch them anytime, anywhere, yours forever.⠀⠀

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Live Online Training Sessions
Every two weeks, you’ll also get access to live online sessions with your program trainer, James Hayes, so you can explore the content, ask questions and have them answered in real time. These sessions are held online, so you can join from anywhere in the world. Plus training sessions are recorded, so you’ll have access to them even if you can’t make them live. ⠀⠀⠀

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Resources and Handouts
You’ll receive worksheets, templates, resources and step by step handouts to support each of your training sessions, so that you can implement what you’ve learned as quickly and easily as possible.⠀⠀

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Community Support
Every day, you’ll have community access to get your questions answered in the Coach Development Lab Facebook group.

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Prior to launchpad, I had nowhere to start. My biggest struggle was niching and target market. I had no starting point. It was very overwhelming. I also felt like I was struggling with imposter syndrome with my coaching. Doing the course actually got me out of my head with the imposter syndrome. I launched my website, and I got a client who I'd never met or spoke to on Instagram. And none of that would have happened without the Launchpad program! Ill be forever grateful and highly recommend!

Nikki Smith
Founder, Up Coach & Personal


Here are the answers to the most asked questions about starting the Launchpad Program.

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Your investment for your Launchpad program is $1997 AUD. It includes all TEN modules, all videos, bonus videos, live online training sessions, handouts, templates, resources and community access.

Talk of the Town

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The Launchpad Program was everything I was hoping for and more! From the simple and effective coaching methodology you shared; to the recommended session plans and workbooks; to the steps on how to set up a business; I've come away with so much more confidence and belief that I can actually do this - be my own boss and run a successful coaching business. BIG thank you for another brilliant learning experience!

Stefania Picinich

Senior Program Lead, Monash Business School

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I now have my second coaching client ever! AND they are paying me double what the last one did. More than that I'm so stoked that I was present for her. I brought curiosity and a calmness to the conversation - that blew me away. Thank you so much James! The notes from the course you have provided...amazing. A Big Fat Thank you again. Very happy!

Tzara Attwater
Founder, My Confidence Coach

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Launchpad has given me a system to look at, and to understand the relative simplicity of, for instance, the website and thinking about the design in broken down terms. Getting the business name registered, deciding on the business name, getting the website moving. There was all of that stuff, which was largely unknown to me and was creating a bit of apprehension. And so now having taken quite a bit of action on that, that's been really valuable. Thanks James, the program has certainly helped me in getting my launch ready!

Paul Barrie
Senior Manager, Ben Delta

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