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Get tailor made, one-on-one help to achieve your personal and/or business goals.
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Your pinnacle program is a personalised program that reviews your goals and current situation, designs your tailored plan accordingly and helps you implement it with one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

How It Works


If you’re accepted into the program, first we do a comprehensive review and analysis of your current situation, where depending on your goals we look at any of the following:

  • Pinpoint exactly any issues that are preventing you from achieving your goals
  • Uncover any mental and performance roadblocks

If relevant to your goal:

  • Take a look at where your coaching skills are currently at, what’s working well and what needs development
  • Diagnose any pain points in your business
  • Review your current strategies to attract and convert clients


Then using our Pinnacle System Model™ we develop a personalised plan tailored to you, so that you can:

  • Map out the best and quickest way to achieve your goals
  • Overcome any mental and performance roadblocks, so you’re performing at your best and optimised for success

If relevant to your goal:

  • Be certified as a Meta-Coach by James Hayes, one of only 8 licensed meta-coach trainers in the world
  • Quickly start and grow your business
  • Implement your winning, step by step system that attracts and converts a stream of clients


Once your personalised plan is created, we help you implement it by providing:

  • Exclusive one-on-one coaching, training and mentoring sessions
  • Step by step tools, templates and resources, and
  • Ongoing support

All custom to you to ensure rapid and maximum success to achieve your goals.

Program Delivery

Below are the details of how your Pinnacle program is structured and delivered.⠀⠀

✔ ⠀
Exclusive One on One
This is an exclusive, one on one program that is tailor made and entirely focused on you.⠀⠀

✔ ⠀
Online or Telephone
All of the steps in this program from plan creation to implementation, is delivered to you via personal one-on-one coaching, mentoring and training sessions either via online video call or telephone, so that you can experience the program from anywhere in the world.⠀⠀

✔ ⠀
Program Length
Program length is determined after Stage 1 - Review and Analysis. Typical Pinnacle programs last between 6 - 12 months.⠀⠀

✔ ⠀
Days and Times
All sessions are scheduled to suit, between you and your coach.


Your investment starts from $10,700. It includes creation of your tailor made program, tools, resources and templates and all exclusive one-on-one coaching, mentoring and training sessions.



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2. Your application is reviewed.

- If we’re not a good match, we’ll politely let you know.

- If we might be a good match, we’ll schedule a quick call to see if we are. If in the call we both decide we’re a good match, we’ll discuss next steps. If not, no problems - all the best and we’ll part ways.

We’re only looking for high calibre people, who will be fully committed to the program. There are only 8 spots available each year, and applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.

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