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Private one to one coaching and mentoring tailored to you.
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Your private coaching program is a personalised, laser focused program that reviews your goals and current situation, designs a tailored plan accordingly and helps you implement it with professional one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

Why Coaching?

Depending on your goals and circumstances, below are just a few examples of what you can achieve in your private coaching program. 

Personal/Professional Development

  • Get unblocked and motivated, so you can set crazy big goals and make them happen.
  • Change behaviours and beliefs that aren’t working for you, so you can unlock extraordinary performance in yourself.
  • Become more assertive and confident to speak up, set healthy boundaries, say no, and refuse anything but win/win relationships and outcomes.  
  • Develop your emotional intelligence, learn to understand others better and become more persuasive in your communication.
  • Quiet the noise of self-judgment and the inner critic so you can feel more confident in your decisions and have the courage to go for the things you really want.
  • Identify your core life values and set an ambitious life/career vision that is aligned with your sense of purpose.

Coach Mentoring

  • Rapidly develop your coaching skills through supervision, review and practical feedback of your coaching sessions so you can feel more confident. 
  • Overcome roadblocks and obstacles getting in the way of starting your coaching business and becoming the successful coach you want to be.
  • Achieve Meta Coach certification. Our lead coach and trainer, James Hayes is one of only 8 certified meta-coach trainers in the world, who is licensed to benchmark and certify you.

Your Program Unfolded

Your Private Coaching Program is delivered in exclusive, one on one coaching and mentoring sessions either via online video call or telephone. The agenda and goals are custom to you and driven by you, with facilitation from your coach.


A typical private coaching program will look like below.


Stage 1 is about helping you gain more clarity in your current situation to understand what your goals are, and how best to get you there. 

First we will get to know each other, explore how coaching and mentoring works and ensure we are the right fit. Then we will do a comprehensive review and analysis of your current situation, where depending on your outcomes we will do any of the following:

  • Set some ambitious goals
  • Explore and identify any issues that may be inhibiting your success or preventing you from achieving your goals
  • Scan for and uncover any mental and performance roadblocks
  • If appropriate, collect feedback on your strengths and opportunities from your important stakeholders

Note - If you prefer to proceed without a specific goal and want to instead focus on ad-hoc situational support, we will skip stage 2 and proceed straight to stage 3.


Stage 2 is about facilitating motivation and creating a roadmap for the goals you have set for yourself. Here we will explore your deeper motivations and seek to reinforce them so that you have the energy required to achieve your goals (and often more).

We will also develop a personalised plan tailored to you, so that you can:

  • Map out the best and quickest way to achieve your goals
  • Have a clear path to overcoming any mental and performance roadblocks, so you’re performing at your best and optimised for success
  • If relevant, refine, troubleshoot and sharpen your coaching skills and/or business plan


Stage 3 is about doing the work required to implement your plan and overcome your mental and performance roadblocks. Here we will focus on setting up accountability, implementing action plans, and working through the roadblocks together.

You will be supported here via:

  • The latest in coaching psychology to break through mental and performance roadblocks,
  • Where relevant, step by step tools, templates and resources to integrate learnings, develop new skills and insights, and;
  • Ongoing ad hoc support between sessions.

All custom to you to ensure rapid and maximum success to achieve your goals.


Stage 4 is about creating momentum. By now you have experienced the benefits of new skills, insights and potential. Here we want to set up systems of support that will help reinforce and integrate these new capabilities you have been developing.

This looks like:

  • Designing a custom plan to turn the new changes into powerful new habits
  • Setting up measurement and external sources of accountability and support
  • Highlighting the next biggest opportunity for your growth and development

Program Delivery

Below are the details of how your program is structured and delivered.⠀⠀

✔ ⠀
Exclusive One on One
This is an exclusive, one on one program ensuring dedicated and focused attention on you. ⠀⠀

✔ ⠀
Online or Telephone
All of the steps in this program from plan creation to implementation, are delivered to you via personal one-on-one coaching, mentoring and training sessions either via online video call or telephone, so that you can experience the program from anywhere in the world.⠀⠀

✔ ⠀
Program Length
Program length is determined after Stage 1 - Review and Analysis, depending on the size of your goals and support needed. Typical programs last between 3 - 12 months. Generally, sessions run fortnightly for approximately one hour. You'll also receive important work and practices for you to engage in between sessions, for your own growth and development. ⠀⠀

✔ ⠀
Days and Times
Each session is scheduled bespoke between you and your coach.


Your investment for a 3 month Coaching Program is $2600. It includes all coaching sessions, and creation and design of your important work and practices for you to engage in between sessions.

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As one of only eight qualified meta-coach trainers in the world, your trainer James Hayes has had thousands of hours of experience coaching, mentoring, training and certifying coaches. We can help you unlock extraordinary performance and fast track success to your goals.

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